Saturday, February 28, 2009


I figure it's about time for an update on the goings on around here. I update my journal blog everyday so sometimes I neglect the old family blog. So here's what we've been up to.....

As many of you know, Joey hurt his back pretty badly in January. He had two bulging disks in his lower back that pretty much laid him out in bed for three weeks. He's doing much better thanks to LOTS of drugs and "the contraption". I've come to accept the fact that "the contraption" (as we so lovingly call it)...will be a permanent fixture in our bedroom. It's a device that grabs you by the ankles and hangs you upside down. It's right next to MY side of the bed so if I ever need to get up in the middle of the night... sometimes I run right into it! I feel an ever so slight amount of hate for "the contraption" but it has done wonders for Joeys back. Whenever it starts acting up he gets on and hangs for awhile and it takes the pressure off those spots in his back that hurt. His back is almost completely better but unfortunately he still has some nerve damage. The bulges in his spine were bulging out so far that they were completely smooshing the nerves that come out the sides of your spinal column. He had bad pain all down his leg and into his foot. The leg pain has resolved but his foot always feels like someone has lit it on fire. It hurts him pretty badly. We're hoping that the nerves will heal and he won't have to deal with it. He has to ice his foot every night.

Delly was so cute with Joey while he was laid up in bed. She would bring him her dollys and lay them on his pillow. She would say "There Dada...Sally and Lulu will make you feel ALL bedder!" Then she would get my stethescope out and say she was "fixing him". She was really worried!Once Joey was able to sit for longer than 10 minutes, we went and celebrated by going to breakfast at The Good Egg. We love that place. Mmmmm. I highly recommend the wheat pancakes. Delish!

Nursing school has been going GREAT! I absolutely love it. I'm almost halfway through Block 2. (There are 4 Blocks.) Last block I got to work at a nursing home. I was a little nervous to do that, I must admit. But after the first day I really enjoyed it. There were days that I drove home slightly depressed by some of the things I saw there. It's heartbreaking to see these sweet little old people that have no visitors, no family, nobody that cares about them. It was hard. The medical side of it was awesome though. I got to see and do alot. I really learned so much but I'm pretty positive that I won't be working in a nursing home after graduation. This is a picture of a few people that were in my clinical group. My instructor is in the white coat. I loved her! I miss her now that I've gone on to Block 2.
I spent many, many hours at the computer during Block one. Poor Joey had a heavy load to carry. He really stepped up to the plate and became Mr. Mom. I truly believe that Block 1 was a weeding process. They gave us unbelievable amounts of work to do and massive amounts of reading to get through. Sometimes we would have 15 chapters to know in one week! It was hard and I wanted to quit many times. I'm glad I didn't because Block 2 is much more manageable. With Joey being out of commission with his back I've had to really be smart with my time and stay organized. So far so good. I get to do my clinicals at the hospital and I'm loving it. Everyday I see and do something new. It's really, really fun! Somedays I want to stay longer, even though my shift is over! I think everyone should have a job that they love. It makes me happy. I'm so grateful for SO many people that help out so that I can do this. My biggest cheerleader is Joey. When I get tired and don't want to study or I feel guilty because we had frozen pizza for dinner...he always reminds me that it will all be worth it.
Let's see...what else...Delly continues to make us laugh. She likes to come up with new uses for her panties. Like using them to keep her head warm....
And using them to hold her toys. She prefers boy underwear for this because the elastic holds the toys better. I know...gross.I learned the hard way that you should NEVER, under ANY circumstances, leave your purse in the car. I shoved my purse under my seat while we were at church and someone broke out my window and snatched it. It was a cute purse and I miss it. It was pretty embarrassing. I know better but I didn't want to carry a big ol purse around as well as my big ol Primary bag. I learned my lesson.Yesterday, Drey had his piano recital. The kid cracks me up. And makes me scratch my head. Here's a kid that has so much stage fright that if they ask him to read the Article of Faith in Primary, he breaks out in a sweat...begins to shake...tears up...and begs his friend Cole to do it for him. He REFUSES to play the piano in front of anyone besides immediate family. But come recital night...he is STOKED! He can't wait to get up in front of hundreds of people and play his song. What the heck!? I don't get it but that's just Drey for ya. He nailed his song. He didn't miss a single note and I was a proud mama! He has the greatest teacher. He has become quite the little piano prodigy! I'm thinking about starting Avery in lessons but I don't want to steal Drey's thunder. He KNOWS he rocks the piano and it gives him so much confidence.

Well....I feel better. I have nurtured my family blog a little and updated all my peeps on what's been up with us. I'll try to do better at not neglecting this blog.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot the GREATEST news of all! They opened a drive thru Krispy Kreme about a half a mile from our house! How great is that!?