Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom's Day.

I always look forward to Mothers Day. I love the cards and letters that my kids make for me at school. This year Drey made me a calendar with a poem for each month. The kid has got talent! His poems were amazing! Avery wrote me a sweet note letting me know that I was a #1 Mom and she thinks I'm pretty, nice, sweet and A-OK! She also said I was "importint to her". I love her spelling. Gage cleaned up pretty much the whole house for me. He even vacuumed!

Sunday morning, I went over to take my mom some flowers from my dad. My dad is down in Mexico working so he asked that we make sure she had flowers on Mothers Day. I took a picture so my dad could approve my choice. Did I do good? I thought these tulips were gorgeous and you can replant the bulbs and enjoy them year after year. I tried to get my mom to pose with them but it was early in the morning and she didn't want to. She did allow her hand to be photographed, though!
Then we went over to Granny Harris' house to bring her breakfast. It was just a light breakfast of muffins and fruit but it was tasty! Gage...too cool for school.He thinks he's bad now that he's getting taller than everybody. I didn't realize he was THAT much taller than his Granny but...the picture speaks for itself!I made Granny Harris a book of all the different pictures from family events throughout the year. I used a company called Blurb that will turn your pictures or blog into a book. It turned out really well! I think she liked it....hope so.After church we made dinner and took it over to my moms. Creamed spaghetti with ham and peas. Sounds gross but it's one of my favorites! It's basically spagetti in a cream sauce with chunks of ham and peas in it. SOOOO good. I ate entirely too much but figured it's allowed on Mothers Day. We were able to talk to my brother and his family on the Webcam. My kids got a kick out of that! It was a great, busy day! I was exhausted by the end of Mothers Day!! Thankfully, Joey got all the kids ready for bed so I could watch the finale of The Amazing Race. It was an awesome day! Can't wait until next year!!
I love being a mom. It's a hard job. It's a fun job. Sometimes it's a smelly job. My kids can make me laugh till I cry and they make me frustrated to the point I want to pull my hair out. But I love every stinkin one of them and hope I do a good enough job that they turn out all right. I have great examples to follow..my mom and mother-in-law are the bombs bomb...the cat's meow..the...well you get the idea. Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Halfway done with NURSING SCHOOL!!!!!!!

This last week marks the end of Block 2. I still have a final exam next Wednesday but class, lab and clinicals were all wrapped up this week! I can't believe it. It feels so weird to think that the semester is over and I have a whole summer to lounge around reading novels (instead of textbooks) and getting a FULL nights sleep and hanging out with my kids and swimming and having time to work out again! And most importantly...no STRESS! No constantly thinking about what project or paper is due or if I'm ready for the next test. We had a test every single Wednesday so you could NOT get behind on your studying. It was constant and grueling and IT'S OVER! It feels SO good. I did it! I actually loved Block 2. I loved the instructors, I had a great clinical group and I got to work in the hospital instead of the nursing home...it was just an awesome semester. Below are some pictures of us practicing our mad skills.......

Another awesome clinical group..I stole this picture from my friends Facebook page. I wasn't in this group but I'm sure they have mad skills, too.
After the last day of clinicals we all decided to go out to celebrate. We went to eat at Valle Luna where we gorged ourselves on chips and salsa and reminisced about all the good and not so good times this semester. My partner in crime...or partner in "slime" was Ali. We worked on the same floor at the hospital all semester and saw and did a lot together! We're trying to get the same clinical schedule for next semester because ...well...shes a rockstar nurse and I don't want to do it without her. Keeping the fingers crossed.
Thank you to EVERYONE who helped our family out this semester. So so so many people that made it possible. If I didn't have support and help I simply wouldn't be able to go to nursing school. So THANK YOU! Thank you to my mother in law, my mom, my sisters, my sisters in law, my neice and all my friends and family who were willing to watch Delly while I was gone. Thank you for the dinners brought in to feed my family during the crazy weeks that Joey was bedridden with his back issues. Thank you for the words of encouragement when I was tired and stressed. I've wondered many times if I'm being selfish by doing this. It takes so much of me. Thankfully, the kids and Joey are adjusting and pitching in to help and we're doing just fine with it. I hope I'm teaching my kids the value of education and following your dreams. I've wanted to be a nurse forever and it's so close I can taste it. So, thanks you guys. I love my peeps!