Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, it's been awhile since I updated the ol family blog. Some might say that I should be studying instead of blogging ....and they would be right. I just wanted to do a quick post of some pictures that make me smile and some things that make me happy.

My handsome son...who likes to talk to me. Weird and unexpected. I thought teenagers were supposed to be moody and private. Gage loves to tell me things...what girls he thinks are "hot", what girls he thinks are weird, what 8th grade drama is going on at the moment, things he thinks are funny and things that are bothering him. He's a keeper. My silly Delly who has a new talent...sucking her nostrils shut. She had the whole family rolling on the floor laughing the other night as she demonstrated her newest skill. My hot hubbs. Yes, he was just diagnosed with Bells Palsy on Sunday but just because you have a half paralyzed face doesn't mean you can't work it like you got it.... and he's got it. He's getting better, by the way.

These two girls love each other...and that makes me happy. They build forts together and go on "adventures" in the backyard together and end up in the same bed together during nighttime thunderstorms. I'm glad they each have a "sissy". Avery is such a good big sis to Delly (who follows her example in everything she does!) know him is to love him. He's unique and quirky. He can entertain himself with nothing more than his mind. Give him a piece of paper, some tape and a paperclip and he'll create a sculpture. You'll never meet a kid who loves cereal more than Drey. He's a one of a kind.

Things are going well over here at the Harris house. I just finished my third week of Block 3 nursing school and I love it! I'm learning so much every day. I feel like this is the happiest I've ever been in my life. I've always been happy and blessed but I love my life right now. My scar on my neck is healing nicely. We're all healthy (with the exeption of Joey's face....poor thing). Both Joey and I have callings that we love. The kids all love their teachers and schools. We have the greatest friends and family. All in is fabulous!

The end.