Monday, August 3, 2009

Mom? Who's Mom?

While I was having my surgery my kids were sitting around, pacing the floor, worrying over my health and safety, missing me terribly and counting the hours until we could be reunited.....Haha! Yeah right!!! Actually, I would be surprised if any one of them thought twice about me the whole week we were apart...and I'm so glad! I would much rather they were just having fun and loving life. While I was in the hospital, and for a few days after I got home, my awesome sisters (and brother-in-laws) took all my kids away for one last summer adventure. Tia and Justin took Gage with them on their wards Scout trip. They went white water river rafting in Wyoming (say that fast three times). Gage had the time of his life and has not stopped talking about it. Here are some pictures kindly taken by my sister. She took pictures the first run and rode the rapids the second these are the pictures from the first time down the Snake River. I think the close up of Gage's face really shows the depth of his concern and worry for me. :)

They also stopped in Salt Lake to see the temple. My brother who works for the church was there and they took this awesome picture together.
While Gage was on his river adventure, my other sister Mindy and brother-in-law Eric kindly took in my other three kids. Avery, especially, has really had a hard time since they moved to Fort Thomas. Every single Sunday as we leave for Sunday dinner at my parents house she still asks "Is Sadie gonna be there?" One day she'll get it through her head that they MOVED! So she was really excited to spend a few days up there. They had a great time! Sure, Avery got a tooth knocked out within a couple hours of being there...but that's just how they do up there. You gotta be tough to live in the country. They had so much fun eating popsicles.....And playing with playdough.......

And catching baby horny toads and baby lizards......

And getting to wash the town fire truck to prepare for the 24th of July Parade.....(supposedly these pictures are of the fire truck being washed but it sure looks like something else entirely...I don't know, maybe it's just me.)
The kids even got to be IN the 24th of July Parade. They felt very important I'm sure!
Thanks again for showing my kids the time of their lives! They loved it and I loved resting and recovering from surgery in a QUIET and CLEAN house! I owe you guys!!!!