Monday, April 20, 2009

To be opened in 2019!

Tonight was Family Home Evening and Gage was in charge of the lesson. His lesson was on goals and working towards something. He had us each write a letter or list of who we want to be or what we want to have accomplished in ten years. We then rolled all of our papers up and put them in a bottle. We decided to bury it by the big tree in the backyard. It seems like a good landmark that will hopefully still be there in 2019!

Gage dug the hole and at the last minute Gage and Drey decided that they wanted to add something else so they ran back inside. They came out a few minutes later and each added a time capsule of their own. I have no idea what they put in it so it should be interesting to see in ten years! Good bye until 2019!!!!
Of course, the evening just woundn't be complete if it didn't involve the boys fighting! They call it wrestling but since it usually ends with someone getting hurt...I call it fighting. Even so, it was a great FHE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girls Night Out!

Every 3rd Thursday, The Edge 103.9 has a free concert. This last Thursday my sisters and I decided to have a much needed girls night out and go to it. Joshua Radin was playing...who is just the greatest! Josh and I have been through some tough times together. Whenever I'm studying and stressing out because my brain won't hold anymore information, I put on my Joshua Radin CD and let his voice just make everything better. We started the night off sharing a BIG salad and pizza crusts at Nello's. We had to go to the Nello's in Tempe because of "an incident" that happened at the Nello's in Chandler. Let's just say that we can't go to the Chandler Nello's anymore.

When we got to the place in Scottsdale where the concert was being held, we were surprised how few people were there. We were even 45 minutes late and it didn't seem like anyone was there. So we decided to go into Dos Gringos (which is a bar/club) to use the restroom. I must say I was a little flattered that we got carded! Maybe they just card everyone because I'm pretty sure we look "of age". As we were walking to the back looking for the restrooms...lo and behold ...guess who is just sitting there at a table with a couple of other people. None other than Joshua Radin himself! I saw him but didn't make the connection of who it was until we went into the bathroom and Tia said "Did you see Joshua Radin sitting right there!?" I wasn't expecting him to be just out in the general population so it didn't register that it was him just sitting there! We quickly got out our cameras and went back out to ask him for a picture but just that fast he was GONE! We looked everywhere thinking he just stepped outside or something but to no avail. Talk about a missed opportunity! We went outside to the stage and still there were not that many people around so we walked right up and got in the front row. By the time the concert actually started around 9:00 PM there were TONS of people there and we were right in the front row center! It was perfect!

There were two openers before Joshua Radin came on...the first was a local band called Try Me Bicycle and they were really good!

The second was a chick named Meiko and she was also really good.

After Meiko performed, Tia announced that she was really parched and she was going to buy a drink. I couldn't let her lose her great spot in the front row so I reached into my purse and pulled out a giant bottle of water. We had a great laugh over that one! It's kind of an inside joke. Whenever Tia and I travel to Europe I always buy a HUGE water bottle to carry around...just in case.. and Tia never does because she doesn't want to have to carry it. It never fails that she gets really thirsty and ends up drinking my water. I'm a good I share. It was just funny that I had a big water bottle. Probably not to anyone else...but it was funny to us! Sorry! I like to stay hydrated!! Finally, Joshua Radin came on stage and gave a great concert! We had prime spots in the front! He was like 10 feet away from us! It was so totally worth it to stay up WAY past my bedtime to see him. I'm not in the habit of collapsing into bed in the early morning hours. I was really...really..tired the next day but so glad we went!
And of course the evening wouldn't be complete without an obnoxious drunk person(in the pink jacket) invading our personal space. She was pushing her way through trying to get up to the front. She was loud and annoying but we had a good laugh at her expense. Drunk people are freaking hilarious!
A good time was had by all. A big thanks to my home-girls for making it all possible!