Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Good Old Days

Let me take you back to 1989. My best friend, Kristi, and I were madly in love with certain members of a boy band...namely the New Kids on the Block. Thats right. You heard me. I'm sayin it loud and proud. We were obsessed. Our walls were covered in posters. I used to stare at Jon as I fell asleep, thinking up ways we could meet. I was sure if I could just meet him that I could make him love me and I could have his babies. Nevermind that I was 14 years old. Little things like age don't matter when you're in love! We made them care packages and videos and traveled to Utah and San Diego to see them in concert! It was the greatest. Then they broke up and Kristi and I moved on with our lives. When they came in concert we knew we HAD to see them again and relive the glory days of our youth. Kristi has the greatest husband ever (if you don't count mine, of course) and he bought us tickets to go for Kristi's birthday! We went to dinner first at Texas Roadhouse....holy cow! I love their rolls and cinnamon butter! So it was a great start to the evening. Joey called just as we were pulling into the Jobing.com arena to remind me that we have a temple marriage and that he loves me way more than Jon ever could. Poor guy. He was a good sport about it. He asked if we were going to be throwing our bras up on stage and I told him we would try not to. I couldn't guarantee it.
It was so funny to see all the women in their early 30's just like us! A bunch of women who were as obsessed as we were 20 years ago! There were a couple long-suffering husbands that came along with their wives but mostly it was an arena full of ladies just like us! Too funny! Just our luck we sat next to two very drunk ladies. One even had to leave to throw up in the middle of the concert. What a waste! This was the view she presented us with. We couldn't see the stage well so we hopped some seats and moved to where we could see! It was so awesome! It brought back so many memories of those days! They sang a lot of their old songs as well as some new ones. My taste in music has evolved a lot since then but I still really liked their new songs! I haven't screamed and danced like that in I don't know how long. I felt 14 again! I don't know what kind of dance moves I was bustin out with but my calves are killing me today! It was so worth not going to bed until after 1:00a.m!

The New Kids ROCK! And I don't care what any of you haters say (you know who you are). Some of you may have read my sisters blog and be wondering how she could be so vengeful. Well, we love her anyways and are taking up a collection for therapy costs. It's called "issues". We've all got em. So give her a break!