Thursday, April 15, 2010


I let my son Gage's FOURTEENTH birthday come and go with out mentioning this important milestone on the ol blog. In fact, I just realized this is the ONLY picture I got of him on his special day....and now that I think about it this picture was actually taken a couple days BEFORE his birthday. Whoops a daisy. In my defense, the computer had a virus and was non-functional for awhile. I have no excuse for not taking two dozen pictures like I usually do. I can only say that even though the kid is stuck with a mom that is highly distracted and stressed out lately....his mom still loves him dearly and wishes he would just stop growing up. Literally...STOP growing because it's weird to have a son so much taller than me. It's going too fast! Just stop all ready! Happy B-day Gage!


BossyMommy said...

This is a little weird to me. Joey was fourteen when he and I became friends in junior high. Can't believe he has a fourteen year old son now.

Candice said...

So, I was thinking of changing our blog name. One of the names I thought of was, "These are the days of our lives." I see that it is taken, and by such a gorgeous family!!