Monday, March 15, 2010

Off-Roading Adventures in Box Canyon

I've been sick this last week and feeling pretty sorry for myself. I can't lay in bed another second or I'll go crazy so I thought I could at least sit here at the computer and upload pictures from our trip last weekend! So I did...lots and lots of pictures!!

It's been about 18 years since I've been off-roading. I think the last time was in college and it ended badly with someone getting hurt. So I wasn't really in a hurry to do it again. When my sister told me about this cool place they had found up in Box Canyon, I decided to load up the kids in the car and take them on "an adventure!" (That's what Delly calls anything new that we do.) None of the kids have ever done anything like this and it definitely was an ADVENTURE! The girls all loaded into the back of the Samuri (a.k.a. Benny Ninja) while Gage thought he was pretty hot stuff since Eric allowed him to drive the Rhino.
The girls let me squeeze into the backseat with them ...
There were some tight spots where we weren't at all sure that the Jeep would be able to make it

I mean some REALLY tight spots! I remember thinking "no way...this is where we stop cause there's NO way!"
Even when Justin let the air out of the tires I still thought it was NOT gonna happen.
It was pretty hairy but somehow they made it through and we continued on up into Box Canyon. O ye of little faith....
Another tight squeeze....

We did see an eagles nest high up on the side of the cliff. The kids got a kick out of that. Mindy and Eric said they saw it flying around last time they were up there. The kids all kept a sharp eye out for it but we never saw it....

Gage surprised me with his driving skills...he really did a good job! I'm still glad he has a couple years before he can get a drivers licence, though.

Drey wanted so badly to explore the cave behind him but unfortunately it was FULL of bees and beehives. The kids crazy but not THAT crazy!

We took a break at the Natural Bridge and someone got the idea to climb up there. (It wasn't my idea. I'm a smidge of a worry wart and I was so afraid someone would get hurt!)

Despite my natural tendency to imagine the worst like someone falling off a cliff or something, I agreed to the climb. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Nobody fell and cracked their head open or slipped and fell or anything of the sort.
Even my mom with her man-made knee was able to make it to the top!

Coming down was a bit scarier..especially for Delly. Thank goodness for big brothers who'll carry little sisters that refuse to wear their tennis shoes and insist on wearing their Wizard of Waverley Place slippers which have no traction! Seriously.
Safely at the bottom.....
There are lots of places in Box Canyon where you can find geodes. Eric came prepared with a ladder because some of the places are hard to get to.
We found TONS of GEODES! Here's some pictures of just a few...

My mom found the biggest one by far! It was huge and it was heavy. She wanted to take it home to give to my dad who loves this kind of thing. The was HEAVY.
Luckily, she has a grandson who can be bribed with the promise of a trip to Famous Daves if he'll carry the huge thing out of the canyon.

We found a nice little spot in the shade to have a picnic lunch. We had packed up sack lunches for everyone to make it easy (way to THINK, Mindy!) Why are picnic lunches so much tastier than a lunch eaten at home!?
The boys found some geodes in the rock wall by where we had lunch. They did their best to hack them out of the side of the cliff with their screwdrivers and hammers.

Where's Avery???
Justin's neice, Joslyn came along for the ride. She chose this over going to the mall. I have to admit this was WAY funner than hanging out at the mall. Then again, I'm not a cute teenager.
Time to head home. On the way out, we were in the rear so I got a different viewpoint.....
All the places where it was hairy getting IN were still hairy getting OUT. We managed, thankfully. Especially since a rainstorm was coming in.

One last group picture at the bottom of Box Canyon. A big THANKS to the Richards for inviting us on such a fun adventure. Surprisingly enough, there was not one injury throughout the entire day! We did get rained on a little on the way home but nothing disasterous! My kids thought it was the greatest day ever and can't wait to do it again!


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Looks like so much fun Alisa! You are a trooper!